If you are experiencing problems with your roof you may be unsure whether repairs will solve them or if a full replacement of the roof is needed.

Different roof coverings have varying life spans. Materials used, the quality of the workmanship and the exposure to the elements will all contribute to the effective life of the roof. There are some roofs that last for 100 years or more, while others deteriorate after 40 years – some are only guaranteed for 20 years. You may only realise that a repair is needed to the roof when ceiling stains are noticed in a room after rainfall. This indicates that water is leaking into the roof space. You should always repair damage as soon as possible to stop further rainfall damaging the fabric of your house.

The actual life expectancy of a roof system is determined by many things – your local climate and environmental conditions, building and roof system design, quality of materials and suitability, proper application and adequate roof maintenance.
A worn roof can lead to leaks, ruined plaster or drywall. If not repaired it can lead to rot in the walls, rafters, and ceilings, and even to the floors. It is a good idea to check your ceilings regularly for stains or discolorations, which can often indicate roof problems.

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